Vet Recommended Tick Antiserum For Dogs

As a pet owner, keeping the health of our animals is top on the list becomes that is where the happiness starts for real. An enemy of living is what follows whenever I hear ticks, making me vexed if found on a dog. I am pretty sure you hate them on your dogs as well.

Purchasing a repellent or an antiserum can be a way of precautioning ticks from your dog. However, how do you get your hands on the best when the market is saturated with several brands?

You would want to get an effective and value-for-the-money type of product; that is where we come in. Keep reading this article to be kept abreast of the best you can purchase on the market.

Best Tick Antiserum For Dogs

An effective antiserum or repellent for your dogs must contain some ingredients like Sorbitol, Thimerosal, Gelatine, Thiomersal, and a few others. Therefore, the list below, got you and your dogs covered against tick.

  • Adam Plus

This product contains all the necessary ingredients that will go into the fur of your dogs and even cats, to combat those ticks. It has Piperonyl Butoxide, Etofenprox, and Methoprene.

Ideal for puppies that are ten weeks old and above; the lifecycle of fleas is broken for 2 weeks, while ticks are taken far away from your dogs.

Additionally, you need not panic if your dog licks it by mistake, the solution is safe for mistaken consumption of your pet. To have a great outcome, ensure you spray it on your dog one in two weeks, while you follow all the instructions stated on the product, upon purchase.


  • It is versatile in use
  • Less or not stressful to use
  • Leaves your dog clean before, during, and after use
  • Muti-purposeful in nature


  • The effect is not longlasting
  • It is pricey
  • The odour is life-taking

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  • Tick Ban Yaya Organics

Try out the Yaya organics to have a hard fist against the ticks on your dogs. It can even be used for children, horses, and humans. You will want to embrace this product if you love applying tick antiserums on your dogs during outdoor adventures.

All you need do is ensure that a drop does not get in contact with the private part or mouth while you are applying. Most of the ingredients are naturally sourced, speaking about Geranium oil, Cedarwood, Peppermint Oil, castor oil, Rosemary oil, and Soybean oil, to mention but a few.


  • It includes a child lock for an easier and safer use
  • Soothing
  • Made with a safety lock
  • Environment-friendly smell
  • Unharmful chemicals
  • Most of the ingredients are naturally sourced


  • You would need to reapply often
  • The woody scent might not be ideal for all dogs
  • Hartz Ultraguard

This is a short-term option to keep ticks off your dog’s fur, a 12-week-old puppy is not exempted. When applied, it works consecutively for seven days, killing ticks and fleas on your mutt.

The aloe vera inclusion as part of the ingredients makes it ideal for irritated and itchy skin. Once a week is nice to apply it, as you can either apply the solution on his bedding or your carpet.

You do not want to apply too much on it, just a little, not even when the liquid dries off within the twinkling of an eye, hence, it could take time if you apply too much.


  • More ideal for puppies
  • The aloe vera in it gives it an extra power
  • It is an effective and easy-to-use


  • You would not want to purchase if you are looking out for a permanent solution

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