How To Stop A Horse From Bullying Other Horses

A pasture with bullies can cause havoc and hurt the lives of those he stays with. Injuries are bound to occur through kicking, striking or biting, or running others into objects and fences. Sadly, a bully can have a partner or more partners that join in perpetrating its deeds

Herd bullies can be of any breed, age, or gender. It could be small, big, geldings, mares, or anything. It becomes hard for you to leave the pasture out of your presence, anything can happen as a result of this.

Hence, how can you deal with this issue and bring back the peace that has been existing in the house? This article will treat that for you, do come along.

How To Stop A Horse From Bullying Other Horses

One, you can decide to the bullier to a different pasture, while it stays with other horses that you fill are dominant and highly confident. Then, you can also have an extra paddock around, or get an electric fence around the ranch where the bully horse is.

Do you overcrowd with paddocks, there is more than enough hay for them to consume already.

You can also take a particular horse or horse at a time of exercise. Horses are great at getting a fellow one and bullying him, even until they are injured or out of weight, so you should not put a small or young horse with elderly ones.

Sometimes, horse bullying can be caused due to guarding of resources, or any important item, if this is the case, get the bully horse into a bigger and wider field. While you check if the way of acting changes.

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Why Do Horses Bully Other Horses?

Dominance is one of the causes of horse bullying. It could occur when a new horse is brought into the field, this is when you see Mr Bully trying to show authority by either forcing the horse to take a move. Meanwhile, no responsiveness set in, and aggression and fight begin.

Bullying can also start when a horse feels frightened or threatened, which could be caused by the previous experience it has encountered where it was taken from.

This happens when you put a horse in a paddock with too many horses early enough.

We all know how boredom can be killing as humans, well, animals and horses feel the same way too. When you keep a horse in a tight or enclosed place for a long while, only to get it into another place with a wide place and several horses, it begins to convey a message of “leave me alone” to them, and if they do not get it, shoving, kicking, and nipping cannot be found wanting.

How To Safely Introduce Your New Horse To The Herd?

You can introduce a new horse to a herd by having a walk around the herd, taking it through the nooks and crannies before you choose a particular day to run the introduction.

To avoid disputes and bullying, you can also choose to adopt the over-the-fence method. So that they can get used to others before getting on board.

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