Top 5 Cat Breeds With Big Noses!

When it comes to the most domestic animals in the world, cats come just after dogs, meaning that there is something cute and special about them. The attractiveness becomes C-class when they either have a long, large, or huge nose.

Since you cannot get this from all the breeds on earth, you would want to know those specific and adorable ones with such angelic and distinct making. A large number of pet lovers will go for those with tiny noses over those with the opposite. Now, let us have a ride around the breeds of cats with large noses.

Cat Breeds With Big Noses

A wide number of cats, especially those that are flat-faced, have tiny noses, however, several breeds out there got big noses, and I know you love it. Here they are:

  • Turkey Van

Its elegance is from the head to the toe, however, it hits more with sparkling beauty with the slender-looking and long nose. Its fur is completely white, without blemish, one that makes an atheist should GOD damn it!

Speaking about the other parts of its body, the Turkey Van is with a soft and silky coat, a carton brown tail with white spots all over the tail shedding some Rainbow effects to your eyes. Amazingly, it can also swim, but would always observe a body of water from afar before venturing into it. They are friendly, especially with dogs, and nice as a companion in the house.

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  • Oriental Longhair

Its body is slender, the nose is long enough, to an extent where River Mississippi gives a headlong bow, while the head is narrow, and the neck is short and adorable. Although this breed can be seen in different shades of patterns and colors, a few similarities and elegance still prevail.

  • Balinese

On this list of breeds of cats with big noses, these should be one with yet another distinct feature. It has blue-like sapphire eyes plus a style point that is Siamese in nature. Asides from having long noses, they are also known for their large ears and sleek bodies. Balinese are so loving with their human friends as well as being highly intelligent.

  • Highlander

Being a new breeder that was discovered around the 1980s, Highlander, which is also known as Scottish Fold Longhair, they are mostly used (as the name entails) in Scotland, for hunting. So intelligent and brave at that.

Based on the nature of their living and existence, they have a highly thick fur that helps to protect them during harsh and cold climate conditions. They have a long nose, tufted ears, and a special kind of appearance.

  • Chausie Cat

Another different breed on the list is a hybrid that is usually crossbred between jungle and domestic cats. So as a result of this, they are found to be the strongest breed of cat with long legs and a drop-dead appearance.

With antenna-like ears that remain pointed at the tip, that have stunning looks, and dignified whiskers. Additionally, they are quick to learn things and fascinating on the playground.

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