Can Mice Eat Guinea Pig Food? [Answered]

One essential cause of this question going around is based on the fact that pet owners love to keep mice close to a guinea pig, for easier and quicker access to them both.

However, both animals are of two different kinds. Guinea pigs are herbivores, meaning they feed on plants only, while mice eat meat and plants because they are omnivorous. Keep reading for more details.

Can Mice Eat Guinea Pig Food?

Mice mustn’t be fed with guinea pigs’ food and vice versa. Their diets are different, and for healthy and long life, it should not be so. There are several other animal products and facts that are added to the feed given to mice which could be toxic and unhealthy for guinea, hence, it will be unideal to feed one with the other.

For guinea pigs, a required amount of vitamin C is needed, as an important nutrient in their diet, which is unnecessary for mice, based on the fact that their body naturally produces it already.

Many pet owners might want to consider the amount of money spent on trying to individually feed them with the right nutrients, hence, why having the same thing on the plate comes, in, but it is better to give mice their food, and guinea pigs, theirs as well. Without any mix-up.

Can Guinea Pig Eat Mice Food?

The Guinea pig should not consume mice food. Guinea pigs’ diet is better with high-fiber, low calcium hay, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients, while mice are more on proteins, pellets, cubes, and vegetables. These are two different things that should not be blended, therefore, give unto Ceasar what is his.

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Is It Dangerous To Have Mice Around Guinea Pigs?

It is unsafe to have mice around your guinea pigs. Mice are aggressive, they could either severely injure the guinea pigs or kill them. Guinea pigs do not have what it takes to fight them in return or defense, therefore, you should never try to have them both in a place.

Asides from this, several diseases are likely to be in the hands of the mice, and they will end up giving it to the guinea pigs of free will.

Some of the diseases mice can spread to guinea pigs are Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, and Tularemia. These diseases can be transmitted through droppings, urine, and bites.

How Are Mice Attracted To Guinea Pigs?

The environment you keep your guinea pigs, most times, are tourist attraction centres for mice. You would agree with me that if dirty is not far from such an area diseases and other animals that fall in love with places like that will get there in no distant time.

It could be uneasy to ensure that the surroundings of your guinea pigs are kept clean and neat, however, you just have to do it for the safety of your lovely pets. Guinea pigs will always litter the whole ground around them with their feeds when eating, thereby, creating a hive for mice to feast upon and even lay eggs.

Many a time, guineapigs lovers do not look into the amount of food they feed their pets, which means, the pets will leave the leftover to get spoilt, rotten, and sticky. So, you will want to clear the tent of your pet after they are done eating.

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