What are the Best Alpaca Shearing Restraints

When it comes to shearing Alpacas, you might want to turn into a scientist becomes it is demanding. Just like sheep, you need to be sure of the right method and manner to do the shearing, since there are also one of the animals which wool is sourced for.

Shearing might be somewhat hurting for them, hence you need to utilize a method that best suits them. According to research made by the Alpaca Association of Germany, which was published in a Veterinary Record, there are three best ways to shear alpacas.

The top three best Alpaca shearing restraints are:

  • Pro Series Restraints
  • Top Gun Restraints
  • Top Gun DIY Restraint Kits

Before diving into a few of the best shearing restraints, kindly learn about the ways you can shear your alpaca. First, you can shear it while it is standing with a little assistance to keep it away from hurting them all. Or you get it on down on a mattress with restraints as well, lastly, you can get it on a specially made shear table.

However, to the Alpaca, the most inconvenient of these methods is the tying down on a mattress for shearing, followed by getting them on the shearing table. Shearing while standing was the least of all.

Best Alpaca Shearing Restraints

Lately, there has been huge breeding of Alpacas, especially in Europe for different reasons, but the major one is to source for wool and fiber production. For the sake of welfare and fiber, annual shearing is advised to be harvested on alpacas, and you cannot do this without putting a few things into consideration.

This is where shearing restraints come in. A couple of restraints are used with so many methods put into consideration during shearing, the easier, the less stressed the alpaca remains, during the process. Below are the Alpaca shearing restraints that fit:

  • Pro Series Restraints

Made for durability and longevity, the process of production is by a group of professional shearers who have done detailed research on the most suitable materials to put in use. Hence, it is of great value and less or no difficulties while shearing your alpaca.

It gets the legs of your alpaca spread within the right ratio, making it safe to use in both herd health care and shearing. By making use of the pro series restraints, your alpaca is not stressed and the body becomes balanced when shearing is on.

The hardware, marine-style lines, and pulleys are of high grade giving you great health maintenance. It cost just $300.


  • Suitable for any size of alpaca
  • High-quality marine-style lines, hardware, and pulleys
  • You get a set of accessories that can be fixed to your anchors
  • Leg and front-rear sets and complete pulley system


  • It can keep your alpaca a bit stressed

Top Gun Restraints

You get to enjoy great marine-grade blocks made from standard materials, and also by a few experts in the shearing industry. You got no worries when you implement any of these restraints.

Amazingly, it has grown to a huge number of purchases in Europe, the United States, and eight other foreign countries in the world, and still counting.

It is an understatement if it is called one of the best and most sold Camelids, and Alpaca handling tools on the planet.


  • It is long-lasting and durable
  • Made by experts in the shearing industry
  • Easy to use and adjust on your alpacas
  • Three-in-one use; restraining, shearing, and health maintenance


  • The polished iron is likely to spoil if it gets in contact with water
  • It might not work for Alpacas with a strong defense reaction

Top Gun Restraints Kit (DIY)

It is ergonomic and specially made for you to restrain and shear your alpaca on your own. The package is made with quality, and just like the previously mentioned shearing restraints, it is made with hardware and standard marine grade blocks (pulleys).

The rope, along with other kits you will find it, helps you restrain your animal well enough while you are shearing. It is safe and dependable.


  • There are instructions on the package to guide you
  • It can fit any application
  • You get to make use of your sourced rope to save a lot
  • Standard and top components as reliability


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